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Working @ Apeel


Apeel Sciences is, first and foremost, a science-centered company. We are inspired by nature and guided by rigorous science in our approach to solving important problems in agriculture and food security.

We seek to provide a fun and productive work environment with open communications.

We entrust each other with a great degree of freedom to direct each of our projects and define our own unique work/life balance.


Our team is comprised of people who take initiative in identifying challenges and solving problems.


We value creativity that challenges conventional wisdom and helps us generate fresh perspectives and new approaches to carrying out our work.


We believe in seeking cooperation and collaboration through respect, humility and sincerity.


Our work environment is comfortable, casual and always interesting. But we also love getting together outside the lab for different kinds of activities. As a close-knit team, our colleagues are more than just co-workers; we're family.


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